Twitter is improving the quality of live video

announced Twitter is removing the Live Video Guests option, which enables users to add audio-only guests to their live broadcasts.

The platform launched the functionality in March of last year, helping to meet the growing interest in the live broadcast connection.

Although even at launch, the platform’s voice guest option lags far behind the functionality available in other apps.

At the time, Zoom was launching as a live meeting platform, allowing multiple video participants at once.

While Instagram and Facebook also provided live broadcasts with video guests. Although it’s worth noting that Facebook scrapped this option in late 2019 before bringing it back due to the pandemic.

This means that people have plenty of options to connect to the live broadcast, with full video functionality. As such, the Voice Guests option may not have been recognized by Twitter, and it was not fulfilling the request, which is why it was deleted.

As the platform notes, the main reason for removing the live guests option is that it better enables the platform to improve the quality of video playback, which has been a focus lately.

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Twitter removes live broadcast guest option

Interestingly, today Facebook also announced a new option for game players to share broadcasts with friends, confirming the demand for this type of interaction.

And if you want to have audio guests, you now have Spaces to fill that gap. And you can still broadcast, via Twitter or anywhere else, and meet all the different usage options.

The platform announced in September that new videos posted on it will be less pixelated. And that’s after Twitter’s poor video quality has long been a source of frustration for users.

The platform has removed the pre-processing step for video when uploading. The company explained that the removed move splits videos into smaller parts for viewing. Which may reduce the quality due to additional processing.

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