Twitter invests in avatar company Facemoji

Avatar company ended Facemoji An initial round of funding with participation from Twitter, and the company is working to create a plug-and-play technology platform to help game and app developers put avatar systems into their apps using the startup’s SDK.

Over the past few years, many avatar startups have appeared and disappeared. But the future that many of the entrepreneurs behind it originally envisioned has proven to be uneven.

Apple is increasingly interested in representing the avatar through Memoji, and Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be a metaverse company and platforms like Roblox, where users enter a virtual world and buy accessories for their character.

Facemoji believes that more game makers would like to easily create their own avatar systems. But they don’t want to connect to other networks.

Often the weak point of most early avatar platforms was the ambition to build a consistent cross-platform avatar system that would serve as its own metaverse channel.

Facemoji says it does not expect Apple to open up the Memoji app to the developer community and that Snapchat is the most prominent competitor. Facemoji’s competitors are being acquired at an increasingly rapid pace. In 2020, ROBLOX bought and Epic Games acquired HyperSense.

The startup’s founders remain deeply interested in Metaverse and NFT, and are working on plug-and-play NFT storefronts, which developers can integrate to allow their users to purchase extensions for their avatars.

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Twitter is investing in the avatar field

Facemoji sees some of the Twitter account’s use of encryption as a sign that regular consumers are excited about their avatars.

This represents a particularly interesting investment for Twitter, a rare institutional investor. The Facemoji team said they had some conversations with the team on the social screen-sharing app Squad about integrating their avatars. And that’s before Twitter bought the startup.

Twitter also detailed a number of NFT projects in development. CEO Jack Dorsey has been a big fan of startups in the field.

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