Twitter announces a broader rollout of the Spaces tab

Launched Twitter widely has a new Spaces tab in the app, which helps improve Spaces discovery by highlighting audio broadcasts going on in the app.

This feature has been in testing for some time, and has been available to select people over the past few weeks.

The new Spaces tab shows live audio broadcasts, with lists aligned with your interests, based on the people and topics you follow in the app.

This can attract more people, with the ability to check in at any time and see what’s happening in Spaces on topics you care about.

The discovery is still difficult, and Twitter topic matching has not yet been a huge success. The fact that Spaces is open to almost all users means that there are a lot of Spaces broadcasts happening all the time. It is likely that many of them will not be of great importance.

And if the platform wants to win with Spaces, it needs to make sure that it highlights the best and most relevant spaces for each user, every time they click on the tab. But having the tab in and of itself is also an important step in another way, and it provides another way to experience Spaces.

You can search for “filter:Spaces” and get a list of all broadcasts in Spaces at any given time. But the tab provides an improved discovery experience, and should attract more users.

Although it also adds another tab to the bottom of the feed function bar. But now users are also seeing the Communities tab appear. Which adds more direct contact.

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Twitter launches Spaces tab in iOS app

Having more tabs may not be a problem. But the platform has been reluctant to add more function buttons to the bottom bar in the past. This may relate to usage trends and risks in adding more clutter to the application.

However, overall it seems to be a good addition at a time when the platform is also looking forward to addition Another Spaces discovery item through DM invites when starting a Space.

It’s still too early to tell whether Spaces may become a larger component of the tweet experience, or whether voice networks more broadly may remain a valuable sharing option over time.

Much of the initial uproar, which Club House made, now appears to have subsided. This is despite the continuing interest. Clubhouse recently reported that it now hosts about 700,000 rooms on the app every day.

The new Spaces tab is rolling out to English language users on iOS. While the new invite via DM option is also coming to iOS first.

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