Twitch exposed to a major leak revealing source code, revenue, and more

New reports revealed that the Twitch platform was exposed to a major leak after an unknown hacker published a torrent file containing a huge amount of data available to everyone.

according toVGC . ReportOn Wednesday, a hacker published a 125 GB torrent link that contains reports on the returns of Twitch contributors from 2019, in addition to the platform’s customers across different devices, whether smartphones, computers, and even home devices. It did not stop there, but it was revealed even on the Steam Store competitor, which has not yet been revealed, and that it bears the name Vapor coming from Amazon Game Company.

Some started searching this torrent file to find out how much other data has been hacked currently for regular users of the Twitch platform, and one of them claimed that there are many password leaks for many accounts of users of the platform, so account holders are advised to change their passwords and activate the multi-factor authentication system / two-factor authentication as well to provide additional security on the account.

Although our global website has tried to communicate with the “Twitch” platform regarding these leaks, the platform has not yet commented.

Among the sensitive information exposed during the leak are creator earnings reports dating back to 2019, which show the exact amount many Twitch pioneers earned, and the torrent shows an extensive list revealing the total payments to the seemingly highest paid users totals. Made up of seven figures for many of the most popular website builders.

While the anonymous person behind the Twitch attack stated that this is only the first part of the content they plan to release to the public, he even described the Twitch community as a disgusting toxic cesspool.

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