Tricks to increase the battery performance of Mac computers

Users rely on the battery of Mac computers more than other laptops, because the devices are lightweight and portable.

Device health is also evaluated by battery health and the number of charge cycles it has undergone, so everyone wants the best performance out of their battery.

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You can follow the following tricks to increase battery performance and benefit more from it:

Check which apps are draining your Mac’s battery

Apps running in the background consume a lot of battery power and may cause it to drain faster than usual.

Therefore, you should constantly check these applications, and make sure to close the applications that you do not need or do not use at the moment.

You can access the apps that consume the most battery by clicking on the battery icon in the top bar of the system.

Tricks to increase the battery performance of Mac computers

With this menu, you can close applications that consume a lot of power or manage your use of them.

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Screen brightness control

This is one of the oldest tricks to conserve battery life and get the best performance out of it.

You can also use this trick with all laptops or cell phones, even smartwatches and any smart device that has a screen.

The screen consumes a lot of battery charge, as the percentage of its consumption of charge increases if its brightness increases.

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Therefore, it is best to reduce the screen brightness to maintain the battery life as long as possible.

You can do this by following these steps:

Head to System Settings, and then choose Display Settings.

Then remove the toggle from Automatically manage lighting selection, and use the light bar to control the brightness you prefer.

And you can quickly control the brightness of the screen by clicking on the control center icon in the taskbar at the top.

Tricks to increase the battery performance of Mac computers

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Keyboard backlight control

Mac keyboards have a backlit degree that illuminates the buttons without the rest of the computer body, and it gives an aesthetic touch to the device.

But this lighting consumes a lot of the device’s power and battery, so you can control it and its degree to conserve battery.

You can do this by following these steps:

Head to system settings and then keyboard settings.

And turn off the backlight control feature according to the degree of light, and then activate the feature to close the light after a period of non-use, and you can specify how long you want to turn off the light automatically after that.

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Control Quick Search Options

Mac offers a special feature called Spotlight, which is similar to the search feature on the iPhone.

This feature is used very much because it is one of the features that greatly facilitates the use of the system.

And you can control which sources this feature works in and searches in, in order to reduce battery consumption as much as possible.

You can access the feature control options by following these steps:

Click on the System Settings icon, and then choose the Spotlight feature.

Uncheck the checkmarks in front of the options you don’t want to search again.

You can uncheck the options you don’t need in the search, such as searching fonts, images, events, and more.

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