Transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android

The WhatsApp platform recently announced that it allows users to transfer conversations between iPhone and Android phones, and this feature was available to users of the beta phase of the application.

The feature is now available to all users of the application, where everyone can transfer conversations between Android phones and iPhone.

But you can only use this feature on Samsung Galaxy phones, and it has not yet reached the rest of the Android phones.

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How to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android

WhatsApp sets a set of conditions so that you can use the official tool to transfer between iPhone and Android.

You must own a Samsung phone, and the transfer is from an iPhone to a Samsung phone only.

So you cannot transfer your chats from Samsung phone or any Android phone to iPhone.

You also need to make a direct wired connection between the two phones, and this means using a USB C to Lightning cable.

This method works by installing the Samsung SmartSwitch app in its latest version, and your phone must be in factory settings.

Then you need to connect the two phones together via cable, and then follow the steps that appear on the Samsung app.

And when the QR Code appears, you need to scan it through the WhatsApp application on the iPhone in order for the copy process to take place.

A screen will appear for you to start the copying process, and you can press the start button to start the copying process and transfer the conversations between the two phones.

After that, complete the steps on your Samsung phone to open WhatsApp and log in with your old phone number.

According to what the company says, it intends to support more phones via this method in the coming days, in addition to facilitating the steps better.

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Transfer conversations informally

This method is considered the first official method announced by WhatsApp since its appearance, but this does not mean that there are no unofficial ways to transfer conversations.

But the unofficial methods may not always work, as the company has been closing the loopholes that these methods and their own applications exploit.

The transfer process through the official method of WhatsApp is highly encrypted and secured, as the conversations between the two phones are encrypted without the company knowing about it.

It cannot be said that transmitting conversations via informal methods is characterized by the same encryption or security, so you must be careful when transmitting conversations through these informal methods.

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