Top safe YouTube alternatives for kids

Everyone is looking for safe YouTube alternatives for kids, because kids don’t leave their phones in front of them.

Therefore, some argue that you should control the content that your child watches rather than blocking him from using the Internet or the phone entirely.

This does not mean that the use of phones and the Internet does not cause problems, but it is a step in order to reduce the damage caused by them.

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This site follows the usual YouTube company from Google, but differs from the usual YouTube in that it offers content exclusively for children.

This site is available as an app for download on the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store as well.

When you open this site for the first time, it asks you to select the age group of children viewing the content.

The site displays content for three different age groups, which are pre-schoolers, i.e. less than four years old, young children aged 5 to 8 years old, or older children aged 9 to 12 years.

And you can close the search feature in the application, so that the application displays a group of channels selected by the YouTube administration, which it considers appropriate for the age you chose.

Although the app is separate and the website is separate, YouTube Kids gets its content from the main YouTube library.

Therefore, the site has a large collection of clips that children can watch.

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This site specializes in displaying artwork and songs for children only, so you will not find any educational or entertainment clips on it.

This site first appeared about ten years ago, and has released a collection of audio CDs for its stars.

And you can count on KidzBop to develop your children’s musical sense and have them watch kid-oriented songs just as well.

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Top safe YouTube alternatives for kids

This site comes from the US television broadcasting network of the same name, and is intended for children only.

The site includes a set of applications and light games that children can enjoy, as well as episodes and clips of graphic works directed at children.

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This site is focused on children under the age of 12 and has one of the strictest rules and requirements for uploading videos.

All clips are also manually reviewed by members of a specialized team to ensure that they are suitable for children.

The site includes a wide range of educational and entertainment clips suitable for children of different ages.

Therefore, this site is considered one of the best alternatives to YouTube that exist and is mainly suitable for children.

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