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The Bar Regulatory Authority of Harraway Law Ltd and its owner, attorney Carolyn Haraway, is investigating.

As she reported last Sunday, she and her company charged a reader more than £1,200 to prepare a will for him and permanent powers of attorney for each of his parents. A will was drafted, but over a year later, the LPAs had not been finalized and one of the reader’s parents died while waiting.

Caroline Haraway

Haraway then questioned whether the reader was her customer at all, suggesting that he never paid the bill. She also suggested that he made a special deal with one of her employees and paid him for the work directly, laying off her company.

However, the reader’s bank statement proved that the payment was made by Haraway.

Other readers of The Mail on Sunday have now lodged complaints about the company. One says: ‘We ordered her in January 2021 to start the probate verification procedure for my late husband and we paid her £1,300 in upfront costs and probate fees, and she did nothing. Once again, Haraway blamed its employees.

Another reader paid Haraway more than £1,300 to carry out his late father’s will, and says: “It’s been 12 months now and we’ve done it all ourselves.” He demanded a refund from his credit card issuer.

Harraway Law’s offices in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, closed in July this year, although some clients appeared to have been unaware of the company’s closure. Haraway still holds a license as an attorney.

The SRA investigates its conduct in the management of the company, while the statutory investigator accepts complaints from individual clients.

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