Tips to keep your MacBook’s temperature from getting too high

The temperature of your MacBook is one of the most important factors that you should take care of in Apple computers, because high temperatures may cause permanent damage to the device.

Therefore, you must keep the computers away from high temperatures, and protect them from high temperatures that harm them.

However, most MacBook computers are made of heat transfer materials, and some computers have poor heat distribution.

This bad heat distribution causes permanent damage to Apple devices, because the device keeps its heat inside.

Apple has worked hard to solve this problem with new devices, and has tried to dramatically improve its thermal distribution.

But you should help your device maintain its temperature by following these tips:

Always install new updates

Your device should always be running the latest available version of the Mac OS, because Apple solves heat and boot problems on an ongoing basis with these updates.

You can install new updates as soon as possible via the updates manager in the system, or by installing a newer version of the system.

It is recommended that you install a newer version of the system in the case of major updates such as Monterey, but periodic updates can be installed from the Update Manager.

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Reduce MacBook temperature via device accessories

Apple advises users to always use original device accessories, which you can easily find at Apple Stores or authorized stores.

Therefore, you should not use unreliable and uncertified Apple power sources, as these accessories can cause permanent damage to the device.

Also, you should not use poor protection covers that retain heat or cover the ventilation ports of the device.

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The perfect work desk

Apple computers come in a very elegant and very practical design, and this design encourages users to use the device anywhere.

But using the computer in a bad place or with a high temperature may cause the device to overheat and damage it.

Also, you should not use the device on uneven or poorly ventilated surfaces that block the ventilation openings of the device.

And if you work for long periods of time using your computer, it is better to buy a work platform for it.

Some work platforms come with fans that ventilate and cool the device, and it is recommended to purchase these platforms if you are working in a hot place.

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