TikTok owner builds e-commerce platform to compete with Amazon

The Tik Tok platform has achieved great success in a short period of time. This has attracted millions of users of all age groups on the one hand, and provided an ideal platform for visual content makers on the other hand. But the platform’s owner, ByteDance, appears to have other big plans.

This is where the Chinese company is currently working on creating a huge e-commerce platform with the aim of competing with both the Chinese Alibaba and the American Amazon. And that platform may come in the form of a separate application or it may be included in the Tik Tok platform.

The new platform may have a political dimension, as the platform will mainly sell Chinese products to users who live in other countries, including of course the USA.

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The company started opening a large number of job vacancies and announcing them on its official website. All of these functions are related to e-commerce operations in its various branches. The company has previously stated that Tik Tok is an ideal platform to provide an online shopping experience.

Some details of the job vacancies revealed the nature of the new project. And that it will be closer to the Chinese platform of Alibaba, which is used by millions around the world. The company has already started investing extensively in the fields of e-commerce on the one hand, and the fields of smart payments on the other.

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tik tok and e-commerce

More than one statement has emerged reflecting the views on the new ByteDance project. This is where technical analyst Roy Ma said, explaining that ByteDance is desperate to enter the e-commerce sector. She also mentioned that most Chinese entrepreneurs see China as lagging behind in this area compared to Western countries.

Speaking of the political and economic dimensions, the owner of Tik Tok has begun to take serious steps in this field after Amazon removed the accounts of thousands of Chinese sellers. Perhaps the company is trying to help these sellers through its platform, and perhaps retaliate against them.

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It is reported that a large number of online store owners inside and outside China are already using Tik Tok to promote their products and increase sales, and this includes American stores as well.

The Chinese government has taken more than one step to advance e-commerce and online shopping in recent years. Perhaps it supports ByteDance in its project, and do not forget that many reports have stated that the relationship between ByteDance and the Chinese government is very close.

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It is also reported that this close relationship was the reason why Trump sought to ban Tik Tok in the United States of America. In addition, the founder of the e-commerce platform Marketplace Pulse stated that ByteDance’s experience with its visual content platform will greatly help it provide a distinctive shopping experience that is different from Amazon and Alibaba’s Ali Express.

And speaking of the movement of e-commerce and online purchase within the United States of America, we find that American citizens have begun to rely more on purchasing from outside the country, as increased Small parcels, up 28% over the previous year.

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