This is what 66 looks like: Grandmother-of-seven says Pilates keeps her youthful 

This is what 66 looks like: Grandmother-of-seven says Pilates, swimming and lipstick keeps her youthful

  • Beverly Sokolowski, 66, who lives in Birmingham, is a retired teacher
  • Grandmother swims 20-30 lengths three to four times per week for stamina
  • Wears red lipstick everyday like it’s her armour – as long as it’s on, she’s all right

Beverly Sokolowski is a retired performing arts teacher living in Birmingham with her husband, Brian. She co-founded Bedazzle Youth Charity (, which offers support to young people. She has one daughter, Naivasha, and seven grandchildren.


I don’t buy anti-ageing products because I don’t want to turn back time. Skincare is about routine and feeling good. Every morning and evening I use Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (from £44, followed by the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil (£26.99, The oil makes my skin feel so hydrated.


I hated swimming at school but when I retired six years ago, I had more time and wanted to keep in shape. I forced myself to try swimming again because it’s low-impact, and enjoyed how mindful it was. Now, I swim 20-30 lengths three to four times per week. It’s great for stamina.

Beverly Sokolowski, 66,  (pictured) who lives in Birmingham, revealed how swimming, Pilates and wearing red lipstick everyday contribute to keeping her youthful


I also started Pilates eight years ago, which I now do four times a week. I do classes with Izumi Mottram (, who is great because she specialises in older women and post-menopausal issues. It has improved my flexibility and given me a strong core.


I tend not to wear a lot of make-up, but I do love my red lipstick. I wear it everyday. It’s like my armour — as long as I’ve got my lippy on, I’m all right. One of my favourites is Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo (£17.50, I seal it with Lipcote (£4,


I’m lucky to have two friends in the hair business. Tracy Whittingham-West has been cutting my hair for ever and she’s a genius. I’ve had every style you can imagine. My other friend, Jane Reynolds (, does my colour every six months. She does it so it works with the hair, rather than fighting against it.

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