Things You Should Do With MacBook M1

MacBook M1 laptops are one of the best portable devices you can own, as they offer excellent performance at a competitive price.

You can also install iOS apps from the App Store on your M1 MacBook, so you won’t have a problem with different apps.

And the MacBook M1 devices are characterized by their high ability to save energy, as the processor works at the lowest possible power, which makes the device work for at least a week continuously.

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Install iPhone and iPad Apps on MacBook M1

With the M1 MacBook, you can install iPhone and iPad apps, as long as the apps are available in the Store.

You can easily access the App Store via the regular Mac App Store, so you don’t need to install third-party apps.

And you can install any application you want on your computer, as long as the developer supports installing it on M1 computers.

This is because adapting apps to work on MacBooks is a little different than adapting them to iPhone and iPad.

You can search for the application you want through the App Store, and the store will tell you if the installation of the application is supported or not.

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Use of touch screen alternatives

iPhone apps are designed to work with devices with touch screens, and no MacBooks currently work with touch screens.

So you need to replace touch screen commands via Mac, keyboard and touchpad.

You can do this for each app individually, as you need to go to the app’s settings.

You will then see a screen telling you how to use the developer-approved touch alternatives, as well as Apple.

You may not need to enable this feature if you are using more than one iPhone app on your M1 computer.

Energy saving in sleep mode

You can consider Apple M1 processors as Always On CPU processors, which means that the processor works continuously without the need to turn it off even in sleep mode.

This means that when your computer goes to sleep, the processor will still work automatically, so any background function will work in sleep mode without any interruption.

Intel computers from Apple come with a feature similar to this feature, but it is called Power Nap, but you need to activate it manually.

While MacBook M1 computers work with this feature automatically without the need to activate any feature you install.

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