There is a strange and unexpected hint in Far Cry 6 for the famous third part Far Cry 3

Far Cry 6 has its own story and its own world, which is the expected habit of this series, yet it unexpectedly connected its world with Far Cry 3 if our predictions are correct.

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This strange and unexpected connection was spotted after the end of the events of Far Cry 6 and the appearance of the closing sign, where a black screen will appear in which a character from the game talks with a mysterious person whose identity has not been announced except that he is a smuggler interested in obtaining the famous Viviro drug in the game’s story.

It all sounds normal so far, but surprisingly, the smuggler’s voice is Michael Mando, the voice actor for the legendary villain Vaas from the third installment of the series.

This overlap is confusing because the story of the sixth part is completely separate from the third, but nevertheless, hearing the voice of Vaas in this way confirms that Ubisoft is trying to make something interesting, this matter may be less interesting than you think and it revolves only about the next addition to the game that allows you to play with famous villains characters from the series.

For those interested in listening to the conversation we talked about, we have a short video review of the clip that appeared after the end of the game badge above.

So far there are no official comments clarifying the subject but it could be a complete misunderstanding.

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