There is a new Infamous game coming to the next PlayStation event

After a long period of silence from the Japanese giant Sony, the company announced several days ago a PlayStation event that will focus on the PS5 platform and its new titles, whether coming during this year or even after, and it seems that this event will witness many surprises and perhaps the emergence of the new Infamous game.

After a new brand for the Infamous series appeared earlier, the rumors are back again, this time from Nick Baker, who confirmed through his Twitter account that there is a new Infamous game that will be revealed during the upcoming PlayStation event, which could be a platform for announcing the new part. From the popular Infamous series.

But “Baker” stated that it may be just a private rumor and that he could not fully verify it by one of his sources, but this news is expected to happen, especially after the Sucker Punch team has completely finished work on the game Ghost of Tsushima, which is now available on PS4 And PS5, meaning the studio is already free to work on a new title and why not Infamous.

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