The WWE 2K22 Twitter account is excited about the return of a favorite style of play among fans of the series

After 2K Sports decided to skip last year’s version of WWE 2K after the disastrous performance of WWE 2K20, the company has decided that it will give its best Visual Concepts during the WWE 2K22 segment, which is supposed to come to us next year. Although the company has not yet revealed all the details of the game, it seems that it will witness the return of a popular gameplay.

Where one of the players asked the official game account on Twitter about the possibility of allowing players to draft their own list of WWE wrestlers, which was already happening in the past in the General Manager style, the account responded with a clear nod and wink, looking forward to the possibility of returning the beloved GM style again with a game WWE 2K22.

Of course, before the arrival of WWE 2K22 in March 2022, 2K Sports will reveal to us more details of the game, and may openly confirm the arrival of GM mode again during next year’s release.

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