The upcoming Metroid games need inspiration from indie games

Previously popular game Shadow Complex was launched in 2009. It offers excellent side-scrolling gameplay experience as a way to display content. It was not an indie game, but was developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, which helped it succeed.

However, taking some elements from Metroid helped the game undoubtedly succeed. The inspiration for this game did not end later, as the year 2021 alone includes more than five games based on this classification.

Even Nintendo will release Metroid Dread in October. This may have made it very difficult to keep track of Metroid game releases, even for loyal followers of this segment.

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Metroid Games

The rating of Metroid games continues to grow and succeed. It’s a label named Flames similar to the original Metroid game.

And developers of indie games, known as Indie, are experiencing similar success. Especially since they have been able in recent years to produce excellent games in terms of graphics and ideas, with very limited resources.

The original Metroid series, developed by Nintendo, broke new ground for action and platform games. This series has transported players to a world of aliens with a great focus on the environment, the in-game world, exploration areas and weapons.

And then the series matured and reached its highest levels with the game Super Metroid that offered an excellent map, great music, and many effects.

Without a doubt, many game studios have tried to offer versions similar to Metroid games. However, Nintendo has maintained the original mix. Nowadays, things have changed a lot, as, as mentioned, hundreds of games have been released that emulate the Metroid experience, and some of them are really excellent.

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And the indie games have been amazingly successful in providing a gaming experience like the original Metroid. Also, Nintendo taking inspiration from those games in the upcoming official Metroid sequels would undoubtedly be an excellent choice.

Perhaps Nintendo is too late to improve the gaming experience in games Metroid. Nor has it changed or acquired new features for about thirty years. Since 1994, despite the series’ huge success, Nintendo has released only three versions of the game.

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The Metroid Dread game launches on October 9, and it may provide Nintendo followers with what they need, but initial indications do not confirm this.

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