The Riftbreaker will support 4K and 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X

In March 2019, developer Exor announced his new project, The Riftbreaker, which we were supposed to see last year, had it not been for the Corona pandemic, which caused it to be postponed until now. But after the game got an official release date and the game developer Exor started sharing more details of the game, this time we get to know the game’s performance across the new generation devices.

As the studio confirmed today that its new game, The Riftbreaker, will support 4K resolution and ray tracing technology up to 60 frames per second across the PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms. While the Xbox Series S platform will also work in 4K and 60 frames, but without ray tracing technology, it was announced that copies of Home devices will support the ability to experience the game via mouse and keyboard for those who prefer to use them over consoles.

As for DualSense support, EXOR has confirmed that Impulse and Adaptive Triggers will be supported along with haptic feedback.

The Riftbreaker game is coming officially on October 14th on new generation devices in addition to PC.

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