The release of the official teaser for the third season of the Saudi series, Tiki

Today, Netflix released the official teaser for the third season of the Saudi series “Taki”, which returns after an absence of nearly 7 years to the network.

The series, and for those who do not know it, is a Saudi series that presents local youth stories that express Saudi youth in 8 episodes. During the new season, we will see the return of “Malik” to the city of “Jeddah” after serving a period in prison, with a script that explains what happened during 2015.

The network announced that the third season of the series “Taki” will be officially shown on Netflix on October 28, and it will be available with translations in more than 32 languages ​​in 190 countries around the world, and it will be available with performance and audio description in Arabic for the visually impaired and blind, and text description for the hearing impaired.

Below is Netflix’s description of the next eight episodes of the new season:

  • Episode 1: Malik contemplates and documents his past while behind bars, then is surprised by a visit from a mysterious man who offers him a huge opportunity to launch his career.
  • Episode 2: Bayan breaks news that could affect her career. Malek devotes his energy to the scriptwriting course, but later discovers the reason behind Sariya’s support for him.
  • Episode 3: “Malik” enjoys the change that has taken place in the city of “Jeddah” and reconnects with his former friends and enemies, and tension begins when he stubbornly insists on obtaining their approval of his text.
  • Episode Four: Ahmed reappears after years of regret and determination to get Lama back. Then he begins investigating an old scandal that destroyed her life and that of Bayan.
  • Episode five: “Malik” retracts from making his movie after new news, despite the tempting offer he received, and “Bayan” confronts Majid in anger after learning the truth about the scandal.
  • Episode 6: Malik’s friends work together to convince him to produce his movie. And as the preparations begin, an unexpected character steps in for auditions. As for Majid, he descends into a dark place.
  • Episode 7: The group takes a trip through memories on a filming set, and the tight work schedule is disrupted when Majid’s mother seeks Bayan’s help after losing her son to self-control.
  • Episode 8: “Saria” returns to take revenge fiercely, threatening the safety of the group and its project in a way that tests the loyalty of its members, while Bayan receives a call that changes her life.

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