The new legend Munin is available today for Brawlhalla

Today, Ubisoft announced that Munin is now available as the 54th Legend of Brawlhalla, who joins the battlefield armed with melodies and tremendous musical energy to defeat her opponents.

Munin and her sister Hugin form the Ravenqueen, an explosive and distinguished singing group. Munin is all set to make some noise, and the guys should be ready for the rock concert.

Munin is now available for 7200 Gold, Hugin, DJ Hugin and Magpie Munin skins are also now available for 140 Mammoth coins each.

Here are Munin’s six unique attacks:

Unique machete attacks

  • Unique Side Slash – Munin performs a sliding action enhanced by classic rock and roll and plays a powerful melody on her scythe. Waves and sound notes flow forward to annihilate their opponents.
  • Neutral Unique Attack – Munin performs a massive hit with a musical energy wand, hitting opponents with the beat up and away.
  • Unique Down Attack – Munin jumps back and plays a massive chord of musical energy downward. Music can bounce off the ground if you hit it.

Unique bow attacks

  • Unique Side Attack – Munin summons a stick, jumps across, and releases notes that explode on touch.
  • Neutral Unique Attack – Munin unleashes a blast of musical energy forward, which explodes quickly.
  • Neutral Down Attack – Munin jumps up and takes a stance, releasing 8 notes of musical energy from where you jumped.

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