The new iPad mini does not support mmWave 5G technology

One of the most exciting announcements at the iPhone 13 event was Apple’s newly redesigned iPad mini. But in the aftermath of the event, restrictions began to appear, as the device does not support Millimeter wave standard for fifth generation networks.

And this is the super-fast version of 5G that you see in those demos. Although the millimeter wave standard is not widely available. But if you want gigabit data transfers over 5G, the iPad mini isn’t the iPad for you.

Support for 5G over the cellular version of the iPad Mini was one of Apple’s biggest highlights. But given the company’s technical specifications, the device supports low and medium bands of 5G networks only.

Apple began promoting 5G networks with the launch of the iPhone 12, and continues to promote the faster download and upload speeds that the technology can offer in 2021.

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Apple slows down iPad mini processor

Both the iPhone 13 and the new iPad mini are equipped with the latest A15 Bionic chip from Apple. But Standard results It reveals that the chip has been lowered its operating frequency to 2.9 GHz in the iPad mini, compared to 3.2 GHz in all iPhone 13 models.

As expected, the lowered chip appears to have a small impact between 2 and 8 percent on iPad mini performance compared to iPhone 13 models.

In the early Geekbench 5 results, the new iPad mini had average single-core and multi-core test scores of around 1,595 and 4540, compared to averages of around 1,730 and 4,660 for the iPhone 13 Pro.

It’s unclear why Apple slowed down the A15 Bionic chip in the iPad mini. But most users are unlikely to encounter any performance issues with the device.

Even with the A15 Bionic chip, which has been de-clocked. The new iPad mini is up to 40 percent faster in single-core performance and up to 70 percent faster in multi-core performance. This is compared to the previous generation iPad mini equipped with the A12 chip.

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