The new Injustice movie will arrive in October

Last May, DC officially announced the new animated movie Injustic, and the company stated that the movie will be available later this year without an official release date, but today we know when the new Injustic movie will be available.

Today, DC announced that its upcoming movie, Injustice, will be officially available on October 19, and that it will be released digitally and in Blu-ray only.

The film is inspired by the series of fighting video games of the same name, which are Injustice: Gods Of Us, released in 2013 and the game Injustice 2, which we got in 2017, and came from the development of NetherRealm studio, and the series takes place in an alternate universe where the Joker tricks Superman into killing Louis Lane, which sends him down a dark path and turns into an even more violent person with justifications to kill others.

The film is set to be based on the first game, as well as the bestselling graphic novel Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One.

The movie Injustice stars Justin Hartley as Superman, which is no stranger to the DC world, as Hartley plays Green Arrow in Smallville, and there is Anson Mount, who plays Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery, starring alongside Hartley as Batman. Here is the movie crew announced so far through this link.

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