The most important tricks of the Google chat application

Google recently abandoned Hangouts for Application Separate Google Chat, the new app is also integrated with the Gmail interface.

And launched a separate app for it, and you can download the app and use it on phones Android or IphoneHowever, the iPhone app is a bit behind the Android app.

Because the app is a bit new, a lot of the app’s features and tricks are still unknown to the users.

So here are some of the most important tricks and tips that you can use with the new Google Chat app.

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In-app status mode

You can use the private status feature in the app, which is similar to the stories feature in other chat apps.

These cases disappear after a predetermined amount of time, so you don’t need to remove them manually.

You can add cases by clicking on the top menu in the Android application, and then choosing to add cases.

If you are using the online application, you can click on the cases button in the top menu and then choose to add a case.

You cannot add statuses to the iPhone app yet, as this feature is exclusive to the Android app.

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Get email alerts

Google Chat is fully compatible with Gmail services, as you can access and use it through Gmail.

You can also get alerts in your e-mail when you receive a message via Google chat.

You can use this feature by going to the application on the Internet, and then pressing the settings button.

Then open the drop-down menu under the Email Alerts section, and you will have the choice to turn the feature on or off, or only get important alerts.

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Use groups in Google chat

The groups feature in the app works in a similar way to groups in various social media applications.

You can create a new group by pressing the + sign in the application, and choosing to start chatting in a group.

You must choose the first member of the group, and then start adding users to the group.

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Use chat rooms

Chat rooms work similarly to groups in the app, but are more business-oriented.

You can share files easier, and you can reply to messages in the form of topics.

You can create a new room by pressing the add button next to the word rooms in the Internet application, or go to the rooms tab in the application and then choose a new room.

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