The most important information about 3D printing

3D printing technology is one of the most prominent technologies that have emerged in recent years. This is because it allows its user to print real, usable objects in a matter of minutes.

NASA owns a 3D printer on the International Space Station. Astronauts use it to print the tools they need rather than transporting them from Earth to space. Perhaps the most notable example is the printing of a custom usable maintenance key by an astronaut.

From students and entrepreneurs to engineers and hobbyists, millions of people have taken an interest in this pioneering technology. This technology allows the creation of a usable physical object solely based on a digital design for it.

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3D printing

The uses of 3D printers have increased in recent years. Especially after it reached a high level of reliability and effectiveness. For example, doctors use this technique to print physical objects of the real size of some body parts, in order to analyze and study them more accurately.

And the printing process depends on plastic materials in general. However, some modern printers are able to use other raw materials such as metals. However, the cost of this process is very high compared to plastic.

Within the 3D printing process, a group of plastic or plastic layers is generally transferred to the object to be printed, based on an accurate digital design of this object.

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This technology has made it easier to manufacture tools and objects that are not usually sold in the market. Since the factories are not interested in their manufacture because there is no wide audience interested in buying them.

Contrary to what some think. Printing with these technologies is inexpensive, as they are inexpensive to use in the production of simple tools and precision parts compared to traditional manufacturing processes. However, large-scale manufacturing – mass production – using 3D printing can cost more than conventional production lines.

Therefore, 3D printing is ideal for short-term production and small and limited business. Compared to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing is a modern technology and takes advantage of important technologies such as storage and cloud processing. Users can store template designs on the cloud and print them only when they need to.

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There are many types of 3D printers available. However, types such as FDM and SLA are more prevalent. FDM printers are based on rolls of raw materials with a thickness of 1.75 or 2.85 millimeters. Whereas, SLA printers rely on raw liquid resin in the printing process.

In general, these printers depend on building and forming objects in the form of horizontal layers, but with cutting them in an ideal way. In all cases, this technology depends on having a final design dedicated to this type of printer.

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