The most important features of the new Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch appeared at the last Apple conference alongside the iPhone 13 and new iPads, but unlike the iPhone 13, Apple has not yet started selling the new watch.

The company only said that the new watch will be issued before the end of this year, without specifying a fixed date for announcing or disclosing it.

The new watch has acquired a set of different features that make it a great leap from the previous generations of the watch, the most important of which are:

Almost bezel-less screen

The new watch comes with a slightly different screen design, as the company managed to increase the screen size by reducing the bezels a lot.

It also launched new names on the watch, as it came in two sizes, 41 mm and 45 mm, although the size of the watch did not increase.

The screen brightness has been increased by 70% over previous generations of the watch, in order to improve screen performance.

Despite the increased screen size, the previous accessories of the older generations of the watch worked well with it.

So you don’t need to buy new straps or new protective cases, as the physical size of the watch has not increased.

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full keyboard

Thanks to the new screen size, Apple was able to put a full keyboard inside the watch, to facilitate the process of typing through it.

One of the most frequently requested updates by watch users, the new keyboard is now able to easily send text messages through the watch.

Increase the endurance of the watch

The company has increased the size of the upper ceramic layer that protects the screen by 50%, which makes the watch better withstand shocks.

The screen also got an IP6X standard for dust and water resistance, which makes it the first model capable of withstanding dust.

The company does not recommend using the watch while snorkeling, water skiing and activities that involve fast and powerful rushing water.

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Faster charging in the new Apple Watch

Older models of the watch struggled a lot with their charging speeds, so the company upgraded its charging system.

I started using a USB C port for charging, which makes the watch charge faster over a wireless connection.

It also used a new charging architecture that ensures 33% faster charging than previous generations.

So, the new Apple Watch reaches 80% charge in less than 45 minutes, and the sleep tracking system works at only 8% charge.

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