The Last Kingdom series concludes its story with a feature film after the fifth season

It is no secret to everyone how successful The Last Kingdom has been since Netflix managed to get it from the BBC, which stopped it in its second season, as the series managed, over its third and fourth seasons, to perform well, whether in terms of viewership rates or even ratings on major sites And while we are waiting for the episodes of the fifth season of the series, which will come to us during 2022, it seems that we will get more of this special work.

where did German actor “Alexander Drymon”, the hero of the series, who embodies the character “Uhtred” during the MCM London Comic Con event The unveiling of Seven Kings Must Die, the film that will continue the events of The Last Kingdom, will be shown after the fifth season of the series becomes available.

Alexander Drymon indicated that the two-hour movie Seven Kings Must Die will enter filming early next year in Budapest, shortly before the episodes of the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom will be shown on Netflix, consisting of 10 rings. Of course, “Alexander” will return to play his lead role, and he will be joined by several actors in the series, along with some new faces.

Alexander Drymon added:

It has been a great honor to tell the story of Uhtred for five seasons, and I am so grateful to our fans and fans of the series, they have been so loyal to The Last Kingdom and thanks to their support, the team is coming together for one last run.

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