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The killing of the sacred deer .. paralysis, then loss of appetite, bleeding in the eye .. and finally death .. the extreme philosophy of “Lanthimos” for the concept of justice

The wonderful cinematic “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”, a drama, psychological horror and mystery film directed by “Yorgos Lanthimos” in 2017, and starring “Colin Farrell”, “Nicole Kidman”, “Barry Keoghan”, the film’s story is taken from an ancient Greek play “Iphigenia” by the playwright Euripides and adapted from well-known Greek mythology, the film shows that the Greek director has a unique talent that cannot be ignored and he loves to make films in a way that makes you uncomfortable while watching, but at the same time you are still able to enjoy when you occupy your mind with the interpretation of the meanings of things And deciphering its hidden symbolism.. It is a common background that dominates the rest of his works.. such as the strange movie “Dogtooth” in 2009 and his dystopian masterpiece “The Lobster” in 2015.

🔸 The film tells the story of “Stephen Murphy”, a skilled doctor and heart surgeon, who lives a perfect life with his wife “Anna”, an ophthalmologist, and their children “Bob” and “Kim”, but this quiet life will gradually change after the appearance of a teenage boy named “Martin”. He is the son of one of Stephen’s former patients who died on the operating table under his hands. The doctor allows the teenager to get close to him and his family in sympathy with him after a handful of events and guilt and his attempt to compensate for his father’s murder..
However, “Martin” sets off a shocking surprise when he announces to the doctor his only condition to atone for his guilt and save his family.

▪️ “Lanthimos” presents a new, different experience and another dose of psychological horror, but it is more severe.. He treats it in a contemporary way in line with reality when he derives his idea from the Greek myth “Iphigenia in Ulysses”, in which the Greek king is forced to sacrifice his beautiful daughter to please the goddess. The sacred Artemis, after he killed a deer that was grazing in the forest.. Despite the difference in the end of the film from the legend, the director presented his extreme philosophy of the concept of justice and the meaning of retribution.. The mistake the doctor made is difficult to prove, however, he is well aware and anxious. His conscience.. in this way, the movie will disturb you psychologically, but it will force you to continue and follow the tragedy with great caution.. Even if you finish it, you will be surprised that he has not finished with you and will remain attached to your mind with dozens of confusing questions, looking for explanations and interpretations, as usual in “Lanthimos” films and his strange ideas and realism.

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