The gameplay of the highly anticipated Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been officially revealed

Several days ago, during the Gamescom 2021 exhibition, the development studio Firaxis Games and the publishing company 2K announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns game and their cooperation with Marvel, and the studio stated that the game is officially coming in March 2022 across home devices and PC.

But unlike the teaser that we got during the exhibition, today XCOM developer Firaxis Games unveils the gameplay of its new game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and as you can see in the above presentation, it will not be Marvel’s XCOM but will be very different from previous Firaxi games.

Below, we get a bigger look at the gameplay. During a six-minute walkthrough, we see the card-based combat and the abilities of the different heroes of the game.

The game will also get more gameplay offers, and specifically on September 7th, we will get another look inside the game and a review of its gameplay.

Below are the first images of Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay:

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