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The Fountain.. The Journey to Find Eternity in the Nebula, Aronofsky’s Unfinished Legend

▪️ The Fountain.. The journey of searching for immortality in the folds of the nebula, the unfinished legend of Aronofsky.
▪️ All these years, all those memories there, it was you.. you made me survive through time.
▪️ The wonderful cinematic “The Fountain” is a drama, romance, speculative fantasy and mystery film, written and directed by “Darren Arnovsky” in 2006 and starring “Hugh Jackman”, “Rachel Weisz”, “Ellen Burstyn” .. In the beginning, the two stars were abandoned. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett for the movie “Babel”

And then the producers abandoned him to come out with less than half of the budget originally planned, which ended up reducing the time period. It also affected the ideas of the director, who was inspired by the writer “Ari Handel” from his parents’ diagnosis of cancer, so he began to think deeply about the subject of human annihilation, immortality and the tree of life from Genesis And the philosophy of Kabbalah.

The movie is one of the spiritual works that leaves a special imprint and makes the mind of the viewer awake and in need of contemplation.. Whoever searches for answers and explanations for everything he will see in the first viewing will inevitably lose a very large part of tasting the meanings and feelings in the midst of this story

🔸 The film tells its story over a period of more than a thousand years in three different times and places.. the past in the sixteenth century, the present.. and the future in the twenty-sixth century. It is about three characters whose sole goal is to search for eternity and immortality to save those they love. In the past, the Spanish warrior “Thomas” goes in search of the legendary tree of life, which will make his queen “Isabella” safe from death after promising him that she will be his Eve.

🔸 Five hundred years later, in our present time, we find Dr. Tommy, a neuroscientist who is trying to find a cure for his wife, Isabel, who has terminal cancer, while researching a tree found in Central America that shows amazing results in regenerating body cells after she told him about the nebula. Which the Mayan tribes called “Chipalpa”.

🔸 In the twenty-sixth century, which is the most mysterious story, about a man named “Tom” who travels with a huge tree inside a bubble that floats through space on its way to “Chipalpa” .. that legendary nebula of the ancient Maya tribes .. He sees that the old tree in her way to death while he fights for her and demands her hold on, believing that she will regain her freshness again.

▪️ The seed of love above someone’s grave may be the way for him to come out of the earth and grow like a tree of life. If the bird eats from it, his soul will race the wind and spread around you.. It is the idea of ​​man accepting death and his view of eternity, and that is about the extent of acceptance of the situation and satisfaction with reality.

And the fragility of our existence in this world.. The film bears the meanings of sacrifice without limits for the sake of the ones we love and to give each other additional pulses of life.. “Aronofsky,” who wrote and directed famous complex films before, this information will be enough for those who have not watched the work yet because what They will see it not an ordinary movie or even a bet that its secrets will be revealed.

And if you loved what “Aronofsky” presented before.. The music of “Clint Mansell” is charming as if it came from another world.. The madman whose music accompanied the “Aronofsky” cinema from his first movie “PI” in 1998.. Music with mixed feelings of serenity And the sublimity of the soul, and between heartbreak and pain, or as if it was coming from the future after 500 years, where “Tom” traveled in his bubble.. Or perhaps it existed hundreds of years ago in the era of the courts in Spain.. when the Queen resorted to her most loyal soldiers to search for the fountain of youth and He presents her with immortality as a wedding gift..or perhaps it came in our time, from a husband whose heart burns in pain for his sick wife who is slowly dying in front of him.. Clint Mansell’s music was created for Arnofsky cinema, out of three stories whose heroes struggle with death.

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