The First Soldier- Tokyo Game Show 2021 Event

Last February, Japanese publisher Square Enix officially announced Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a battle royale game coming to iOS and Android smartphones later in 2021. After a long wait, we know today a date The official game launch worldwide.

As the game’s executive producer, Tetsuya Nomura, announced during Square Enix’s broadcast of the Tokyo Game Show 2021 event that ends today, that Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is officially coming next November on iOS and Android devices, and that pre-registration for the game is via Google Stores. Play and the Apple Store will be available later this month.

The game has remained over the past period, specifically starting from last June, in a closed beta across Android devices, and the game was able to receive the approval of players who tried it, in addition to providing improvements to the game, as announced by “Shuichi Ishikawa” that in its full version it will support the console while playing. , which has been requested by the players during the last period.

Ishikau said:

Many people want to try the game on PC or even home devices, but we have not reached this stage yet, but we hope that this will bring players closer to that experience, especially with the support of the ability to try it on the console of home devices, but so far there are no plans to transfer The game to other platforms.

Other improvements include a significantly revamped Training Mode that will help new players with Battle Royale games learn the basics, and a new Training Map has also been added.

Ichikawa said 75% of the beta participants said the game met or exceeded their expectations, and the game’s controls and balance have even been updated in response to their feedback.

It is reported that Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a “Battle Royale” game that will take place in Midgar before the events of Final Fantasy VII, and the game provides the ability to experience playing as soldiers and the ability to use magic and various abilities to eliminate all opponents.

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