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The Double Lover..a psychological erotic tale, bold and complex

The movie “L’amant Double” or “Double Lover” in English is a drama, romance, mystery and thriller directed by “François Ozon” in 2017, starring “Marine Fact” and “Jeremy Rainier”.

The events of the film are adapted from the novel “Lives of Twins” known as “Good Feelings” by the American “Joyce Carol Oates” which was published in 1987 under the pseudonym “Rosamond Smith”. The psychology of his characters.

It depicts the nature of its torn identity and the footage with its aesthetics, which makes it attached to the viewer’s mind with shiny contents within the general context of his story and deals with it as a series of surreal events that are difficult to predict. with this vision.

▪️ In the film, there are clear references, such as the shocking beginning scene of the Spaniard “Luis Banuel” in his surreal short film “Un chien andalou” in 1929, partly a study on sexual obsession and ambiguity as the thought of “Neil Jordan” in his movie “In Dreams” in 1999..or Part of “Hitchcock” where the spiral staircases in “Vertigo” (1958), or they are focused attributes of extreme sexual ideas from “Gaspar Noe” or “Lars von Trier”, or even the mystery of the psychological thriller “Basic Instinct” (1992).

And not to forget the touches of the American “Brian de Palma”, especially in dividing the screen into two halves, as he did
In “Body Double” in 1984 and most clearly in “Dressed to Kill” in 1980, in addition to the relationship of the twins in the movie “Sisters” in 1973..or as an explicit comparison with “David Cronenberg” in his surreal and frightening movie “Dead Ringers” in 1988. .. All of them are aesthetic techniques best used by “Ozone” as quick, single, visual signals, but they were not essential in the context of his film, only came as a qualitative addition to his advanced cinematic group, which made him one of the prominent names in the sky of French cinema.

🔸 The story of the film tells about a young girl named “Chloe”, a 25-year-old former model.. Anxious and depressed, she lives alone with her cat “Milo” and always suffers from persistent and strange stomach pains that doctors cannot explain. She knows that her problem may become psychological.

So she decides to visit a psychiatrist named “Paul Mayer”, during which she talks about herself, her fears and her mother.. but they ignore some medical ethics, and Chloe falls in love with her psychiatrist.. At first everything seems fine with “Chloe” .. Her pain eased and her mental health is stable and she got a new job .. They move after several months to live together in a new apartment.

But over time, she suddenly reveals that her lover hides part of his identity and blurs her personality, to enter into a spiral that makes her the victim and the double mistress of her lover and his twin brother, the psychoanalyst “Louis Dilord”.

The film is bold, baffling and often disturbing, or on the other hand, this work is not for everyone. The issue of duality appears mainly in the dense presence of mirrors and the way the characters are portrayed through those mirrors, and that duality whenever it permeates Chloe’s inner life separates her life into what is Realistic and imagined without the film providing evidence for either world.. This duplication between them is the form in which the film showed her psychological problems, which made the “double lover” an exciting and difficult tale with the accurate formulation of “Ozone” about his heroine and her playing double duty with the twins.. Next to her affectionate lover, she is not the same as she is with her violent lover.. This psychological disorder makes her build a house of cards, but she is threatened with falling at any moment.. She has revealed everything, but there is still a mystery to a silent listener who knows everything about her murderous nature.

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