The director of The Tomorrow Children is trying to reclaim the game from Sony in the hope of releasing it

The Tomorrow Children is a PlayStation exclusive that unfortunately did not succeed after it was discontinued shortly after its release in 2016 due to high server costs.

Being an online game, this led to the inability to play it completely, which made it a lost and perhaps forgotten game as well, but in a new interview with the director of the game Dylan Cuthbert with the Japanese section of our global network, he officially disclosed to us his desire to acquire the ownership and copyright of the game from Sony.

He says that if he really succeeds, he will seek to find an appropriate way to re-launch the game in the market, and perhaps this time he will think of a way to run it without servers so that everyone can play it without these high costs.

The developer does not know when and how it will be able to obtain the rights to the game from Sony, but hopes to do so in the near future.

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