The difference between the Amazon Health Band and the Fitbit Charge 5

Amazon has announced its intention to launch a new smart health bracelet, which is similar in design to the FitBit Charger 5.

FitBit is known for designing premium sports bracelets and smart watches that focus mainly on tracking users’ health, but can Amazon’s bracelet compete with different sports bracelets from various companies?

The Amazon band comes in at $80 compared to the Fitbit’s price of $180, so the Amazon band is a more economical choice than the Fitbit band.

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Comparison between the specifications of the Amazon smart bracelet and the Fitbit Charger 5

Compare amazon bracelet Fitbit Charger 5
the price 80 dollars 180 dollars
Maximum battery life up to seven days up to seven days
the size Not announced yet 35.8mm x 22.7mm x 12.5mm
the weight 20 grams for the small bracelet and 22 grams for the large bracelet 28 grams
Operating Systems Support Android and iPhone Android and iPhone
screen type AMOLED AMOLED
screen shape square square
Screen Size Not announced yet 21.8mm x 14.7mm
Always On Display Technology
contactless payment
water resistance
Altitude Sensor
Heart rate monitor
blood oxygen monitoring
ECG sensor

Little difference in design

The Amazon health device comes with a design similar to most smart health fences, as it comes with a plastic strip with an Amoled screen.

And the Amazon device, unlike Fitbit, has a physical button in the middle of the screen to return to its main interface.

While Amazon has not yet announced the weight or size of its smart bracelet, most of the leaks say that it is less weight than competitors.

Both bracelets are available in a choice of three different colours, and they are officially available with purchase of either bracelet.

Amazon says that they offer a range of additional bracelets that you can buy later, and the additional bracelets come in prices from $15 to $30.

The FitBit also comes with support for additional bands, but prices start at $50 per band, so it’s not an economical solution.

Sensors in Amazon and Fitbit bracelets

The two bracelets rely on similar specifications in terms of sensors, because they care about the health of the user and follow them.

However, the Fitbit band comes with a slightly larger selection than the Amazon band, as the band can monitor the user’s stress status.

Then, it produces a report that displays the cases of stress and discomfort that the user feels at different times of the day.

It can also share these results directly with the doctor as well as monitor the user’s heart tremors.

The FitBit bracelet offers more choices in terms of its use as a smart watch, as it comes with a GPS sensor built into it.

This is in addition to its ability to answer calls, messages, alerts, turn off alerts, and other uses similar to a smart watch.

The Amazon bracelet lacks these options, which some users may need, and both bracelets work well with iPhone and Android phones.

Paid Subscriptions

Both apps work with their own set of paid subscriptions, with the services provided for each subscription varying.

Fitbit is known as one of the best health companies for which you can use its various health apps and services.

So if you are interested in subscribing to a service that works adequately and comprehensively, Fitbit services are the strongest and best.

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