The developer of the original Metroid Prime reveals a state of exhaustion during its development process that almost plunged the studio

The original Metroid Prime is almost 20 years old and recently we got interesting facts about its development process from former Retro Studios member Mike Wikan during an interview on a podcast. Kiwi Talkz.

Speaking about the beginning of the game’s development, Wikan confirmed that they were subjected to severe fatigue during its development and were forced to endure great work pressures and work overtime, and it was so bad that the entire studio was about to collapse.

The studio tasked with the first 3D Metroid almost collapsed, before a change in leadership.

Wikan goes on to say that Nintendo noticed the bad situation and saved the situation by buying the studio and appointing a new manager to lead it, who put the staff back in faith in the studio again after this manager took a new business strategy to ensure the health of the developers.

He also revealed in his statements that Nintendo was interested in making many modifications to the classic trilogy but was very interested in ensuring that no additions or modifications deviated from the virtual Metroid world in terms of story logic, environments, etc.

It is worth noting that the series will return with a new title, Metroid Prime 4, which is currently under development.

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