The developer of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin decided to change the way it is promoted after players discover an important part of the plot

In a new interview with Famitsu Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin creative producer Tetsuya Nomura has revealed interesting changes to the way the game is promoted.

Previously, the first official shows tried to hide the fact that there was a character named Garland, but we noticed in the official show that appeared recently that he directly teased this character.

Nomura said the reason this happened is because players discovered this surprising plot too early in the game and so the promotions were turned into suspense as Garland turns into Chaos rather than the player discovering the true Jack and his role in this virtual world.

Thus it is clear that the story of the game tells the original story of the character of the villain Garland and the developer wants to thrill these events in the best possible way.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin releases March 18 for PC and home consoles.

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