The developer of Aragami 2 considers the second part everything he aspired to present in the first part

The developer of Aragami 2 is again talking about his upcoming game during an interview with Wccftech .

Where the developer talked about a high level of ambition in the manufacture of the second part and that a lot of content and ideas were not placed in the first part due to lack of resources, budget and other reasons, but in the second part these problems did not appear, so the developer was able to provide what he wanted from customization options (which he talked about previously), replayable stages, co-op gameplay, combat system improvements, and more.

Thought I'd try slicing my way out.  Mix things up a little.

All these new additions make the game much closer to the vision that the developer had when making the first part but could not implement it.

Aragami 2 releases on September 17th for PC, home consoles, and Xbox Game Pass.

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