The crisis of low quantities of PS5 and Xbox Series X will likely continue for the next year

move site CNBC Remarks by Lisa Su, Director of AMD, at the Code Conference in California, USA.

And according to what the director stated, the crisis of the small quantities available in the market of Xbox Series and PS5 devices will unfortunately continue until next year, and although she did not announce this definitively, she expected that most likely due to her talk about the production expansion plan, which will alleviate the problem crisis but still need another year to see the fruits of the investments in these plans.

It is worth noting that AMD is responsible for providing both devices with internal hardware, and therefore its statements should be taken care of, as it is very familiar with the production of devices and the quantities expected to be available in the coming period.

And according to what can be deduced from the manager’s statements, it is not necessary that the whole year be fraught with quantitative crises in the markets, but rather we may see a recovery in the second half of the following year.

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