The Complete Guide to Marketing Through Facebook Stories

The Facebook Stories service was launched in 2017, and since it appeared it has managed to dominate the platform and increase the number of its users significantly.

Many companies use Facebook Stories to market their products and services, because they are a quick way to communicate small information.

According to a statistic in 2019, the number of Facebook Stories users has exceeded 500 million users.

Therefore, you should start using Facebook Stories to market your products and services through the platform, as it is one of the most powerful marketing tools that the platform provides.

Using Facebook Stories for Marketing

The platform began several years ago to reduce the proportion of marketing content displayed on the main pages of users, in return for increasing the proportion of the appearance of paid advertising content on the platform.

This has caused a problem for marketers working on Facebook, as their posts are no longer visible enough.

But the platform cannot control the rate of appearance of stories, as the stories appear to all your followers.

That’s why stories enable you to reach more users at a lower advertising cost, which makes them more beneficial for marketers and brands.

The platform also displays stories at the top of the screen, so you ensure they are in front of your followers at all times.

And there is a category of followers who go to the Stories section specifically in order to browse it instead of browsing the usual posts.

And you can share Facebook stories with Instagram stories easily, as the story is published in the two platforms together at the same time.

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Publish content through stories

You can add content to Stories in a similar way to Instagram Stories, where you will see the Add to Your Stories button in the Stories section.

The button to add stories appears on the pages by pressing the profile picture button on the page, and you can add any content you want, whatever its type.

Stories support adding content from still images, videos or audio clips, and you can share links and Facebook posts to Stories.

You can add special buttons and put your own links that lead the user to the external page of your store.

You can also start a live broadcast on your Facebook page, add the broadcast to Stories and make the broadcast appear in it after it ends.

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stats related to stories

Facebook allows you to access a wide range of stats related to stories, and you can access them either by clicking on the eye icon in the story.

Or by going to Facebook’s usual statistics tool, the platform shows you a set of statistics, the most important of which are:

  • date of publication
  • Story preview
  • Story Appearance Status
  • The number of users who have opened the story
  • Clicks to go to the second part of the story
  • Keystrokes return to the previous section of the story.
  • Transition rate to the next user’s story
  • Presses out of the story.

Facebook Stories

Through these statistics, you can monitor the performance of your story and see how users interact with it and evaluate it, and these statistics are visible only to the administrators of the page.

Users who view the story will see different statistics, so they can only see how many views the story has been viewed.

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Tips for making use of Facebook Stories

Although Stories are one of the best Facebook marketing tools available, you should plan well for their use.

And you can take advantage of the integration of stories between Facebook and Instagram, where you can post the same stories across different platforms.

You can also use Stories to publish quick marketing segments related to today’s events, as the story will not appear after more than 24 hours.

You can use them to market a daily event or discount your branding, and in general you should use stories to spread information quickly and get it to users quickly.

And you shouldn’t rely heavily on it for your long-term marketing plans, because story posts disappear quickly.

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