The best soccer games for PC in 2021

Football games attract the interest of millions of players around the world. Many people enjoy this category of games even if they are not gamers in the first place.

This is where football games also attract fans of the sport. They are fun and interactive games that always make a place in friend sessions and gatherings.

Some think that football games are few and limited only to PES and FIFA. However, this is not true, as there are dozens of other games that are also very successful.

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Football games for PC

The PC platform is the most popular gaming platform. This is because a personal computer is a device that can be used for a large number of uses, including playing games.

The PC also supports the operation of controllers as well, which makes it a fierce competitor to home gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. This feature is essential for ball games.

1 – Football Drama

Football Drama is based on tactical and strategic gameplay, and is more of a card game than any other genre, meaning it doesn’t have a real football experience.

The player plays the coach character within an exciting and attractive gaming experience. Of course, the player’s choices heavily influence the course of play as the events follow each other.

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2 – Rocket League

Rocket League offers an excellent gaming experience. This game has been paid for years, until a short time ago it became free for all players.

The gaming experience is based on small cars, as cars replace players on the football field. It’s a unique and strange idea, but the end game experience is excellent.

This game is available for free for many other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch platform, and a large number of games in this list are also available for other devices and platforms.

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3 – Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

This game is considered one of the strangest football games. The players in it have different superpowers. The game offers an overall cartoonish gaming experience, as well as internal tournaments as well as support for multiplayer.

The game offers progressive difficulty levels and supports multiplayer for five players at the same time.

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4 – Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory is all about planning as its name suggests. It is available at a store Steam. The game offers an excellent strategic playing experience that some compare to chess.

In order to play this and other planning games you must have enough experience in football. Beside that. The game allows to change the design of the faces of the players. It supports Twitch platform built in.

5 – Pixel Cup Soccer 17

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 offers a cartoonish gaming experience as its name suggests. However, it is one of the most popular games in this category.

The game emulates the FIFA series of games before rendering the 3D graphics inside. It provides support for multiplayer over the local network, that is, for devices that are close to each other.

Naturally, the game offers a number of different game modes. And just like the rest of the games on the list, it is ideal for those with football fanatics.

In addition to all of the above comes games such as FIFA and PES, which have changed their name to eFootball. Perhaps these games do not need to be explained and explained because they are the most popular games within this popular category.

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