The Arab Games Conference is back this year to celebrate Arab developers and gamers

The Arab Games Conference, as it is known for its acronym, AGC, will return this year to celebrate once again the Arab gamers community, highlight the best Arab talents, contribute to the growth of this community, help deliver resources to the parties that need them, and facilitate job opportunities in this industry for Arab talents. .

All of this will return again on November 27, according to what the conference organizers confirmed to us in an official message to our website, in which the hosting of the conference was confirmed via a digital online broadcast.

It is worth noting that the first event of the conference was hosted on July 17 last year and witnessed cooperation with 9 Arab gaming communities and hosting 16 sessions and various discussions in the presence of faces from huge companies such as Epic Games, Ubisoft, Dice Studios, Babil Games, Tamatem Games and more, and the event attracted At that time the interest of more than a thousand people who wanted to gain the opportunity to showcase their talents and in the end we got a review of more than 25 distinguished games from the Middle East.

Follow more details about the conference via Official Website.

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