Tesla plans a broader version of the FSD software

Nearly a year after Tesla began testing its controversial FSD pilot program with a select group of customers, CEO Elon Musk said it aims for a broader release by the end of September.

The news comes after an old version of the program was leaked online. Mask said via Twitter: The company is beginning to roll out FSD version 10 to customers in the Early Access Program at midnight on September 10.

The program needs a few more weeks after that for tuning and bug fixes, which Musk estimated will take four weeks.

At this point, a public beta button is being made available to more company customers, which is expected to take the form of a download button for people who have purchased the FSD package.

Musk is promising a broader version of the beta program for those customers who have purchased the FSD package (which currently costs $10,000) for a while now. The company will likely skip that deadline and Musk tweet a new date to get customers excited.

In 2018, Musk said that the long-awaited version of FSD would begin appearing in August of that year, which it did not.

And he did it again in 2019, declaring that in 2020 more than a million cars will have FSD, and it didn’t happen either.

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Tesla plans a broader version of the FSD software

The company began sending out version 9 of the FSD in July. But only for members of its Early Access Program. Some customers got tired of waiting and sued the company for false advertising.

Tesla says the software controls steering, lane-centering, braking and acceleration on highways and city streets. But it is still considered an advanced level 2 driver assistance system because it requires driver supervision at all times.

. showed Studies This supervisory role can make it difficult for drivers to remain vigilant on the road, which can be dangerous.

The driver is also legally responsible for the car, which some say undermines the company’s marketing of its product as fully autonomous.

The company is more willing than its competitors to test beta versions of Autopilot with its customers. In order to collect data and address any errors in the system.

This helped cement Tesla’s public reputation as a leader in autonomous driving. This is despite the fact that its cars consistently fall short of what most experts agree on when defining a self-driving car.

An older version of the company’s FSD software has been leaked and is currently spreading among the hacker community. And the owner of Tesla published in Ukraine recently Video clip Using version 8.2 of the FSD beta in Kiev, which was not released by Tesla.

The company is developing the FSD for the US market and has not modified it for use in other countries. Which has different road signs and driving rules.

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