Tesla on a date with new investigations into self-driving

Intelligent systems in Tesla electric cars offer many benefits to drivers. These benefits are manifested in guidance and support while driving, all the way to the autonomous driving system, which allows the car to drive itself without any interference from the driver.

However, Tesla’s self-driving system is not perfect, as it has caused more than eleven accidents in previous years, resulting in seventeen injuries and one death.

This has caused several legal and legal problems for Tesla, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States of America has begun an extensive investigation into its self-driving system.

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Self-driving in Tesla cars

Accidents caused by autonomous driving systems have occurred in a large number of states. That’s between 2018 and 2021. The investigation covers more than 765,000 Tesla vehicles, nearly all of the cars the company has produced in recent years.

Some experts believe that this investigation may put additional pressure on Tesla. It may also negatively affect autonomous driving systems in general and the speed of their development.

Tesla’s self-driving system, known as Tesla Autopilot, relies on a combination of cameras and radars, along with ultrasonic sensors. The system allows the car to drive itself independently.

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The system is divided into two main components, namely cruise control and automatic steering. The cruise control system manages the distance between the vehicle and other vehicles and objects to prevent collisions.

This part depends on the cameras installed in the car on the one hand. And on artificial intelligence algorithms on the other hand. As for the automatic steering feature, it works to keep the car in the traffic lane in which it is traveling. while avoiding any sudden obstacles.

Thus, the car can avoid any collision through the first component of the system, and can go on its way normally through the second component.

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Legal Challenges

Tesla cars also allow for fully autonomous driving, which provides all of the above in addition to automatic parking and automatic lane change. But Tesla has always made clear that all of these systems require driver supervision and follow-up.

As for the upcoming judicial investigations, they may affect all these features and techniques. As the responsible authorities may force Tesla to change some components of the system, or add new components other than the existing ones.

The company’s cars are more dangerous at night. Most of the previous accidents occurred due to darkness. Therefore, the company may need to add thermal sensors or radar sensors instead of the cameras on which the system is based.

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