Telegram cancels the limit for watching live broadcasts

Working Messaging platform Telegram is expanding its live video streaming support with its latest update. Launched just over 8 years ago, the platform continues its tradition of releasing monthly updates with version 8.0.

This update brings live streaming with unlimited viewers to groups and channels, options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding, an easy way to move to the next unread channel without going back to the chat list, an improved sticker panel, and new animated emoji.

The previous update made group video calls a powerful tool for live broadcasting with the previous limit of 1,000, and now its audience is unlimited. And you can start a live broadcast in a channel or video chat in a group – both now support unlimited viewers.

Increasing the maximum number of viewers like this opens the door for Telegram to become a complete mobile live streaming platform, with the ability to broadcast from 30 users simultaneously.

To get started, click Group Video Chat or Live Channels via the account page for the community where you’re an admin. Live viewers can raise their hands and join the broadcast if you let them speak.

The redirection process has become a more fluid experience. You can click the “Forward message” label above the message bar to open a preview window, to show how messages will look when sent, along with several customization options.

You can also choose to hide the sender’s name or hide comments on media messages. You can also deselect the messages you don’t want to send or change the recipient if you tap the wrong chat.

There are millions of individual channels across the platform that users follow for news, events and content.

And to easily keep up with the news, you can now scroll through the channels you follow without going back to the chat list. When you reach the bottom of the channel, swipe to move to the next unread channel.

And if you’ve organized your chat list using folders or archived chats, the app follows the structure you set up.

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Telegram cancels the limit for watching live broadcasts

The app navigates to channels in the current folder, then within each folder, and then those in all chats and archives.

With an open platform and thousands of free, high-quality stickers in the Label Folder, there’s a perfect poster for every situation. This update will make it easier to find one.

Popular stickers now appear above Recently Used in the Sticker panel. And you can click Add to save the package. When you scroll through the packs at the top of the panel, the thumbnails expand and the names of the sticker packs appear.

And the Android app also got bigger previews for sticker suggestions. For suggestions, enter one emoji in the input field. To see more suggested stickers, swipe up on the suggestions panel.

And if you have something specific in mind and you don’t have it among your groups, type a word in the search field to find matches from the stickers folder.

Similar to the “Write…” or “Record a Voice Message” message, the platform now displays the “Select sticker” status at the top of the chat. This is so you know your chat partner is still around.

Comments are enabled in many channels for their posts so that subscribers can interact and share their thoughts. As with chats, when you open a comment thread containing new messages, a counter now appears that shows the number of unread comments.

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