Talking about town: Stirling Moss’ son’s agony after being ‘excluded from fortune’

Speaking of town: F1 legend Sir Stirling Moss’s son tormented after being ‘left out of £21m fortune’

Formula 1 legend Sir Stirling Moss left nearly £21 million after his death last year, so you might expect his only son Elliot to live a life of luxury and fast cars, just like dad.

not like that. I can reveal that a strange development in how Sterling’s will turned means that hardly a small portion of the fortune went to restaurateur Elliot, 41, and now I hear that relations with his mother are falling apart.

Mrs. Susie Moss received the bulk of the Stirling estate and may have had her reasons for it, but a friend tells me: “She didn’t help Elliott financially even though she lives in a £10m house and gets almost all of her fortune. “

Elliott works as a humble chef at his own 20-seat restaurant, Plu, with a pot washer, part-time waitress, and his pregnant wife Helen to help out.

A strange twist in how Formula 1 legend Sterling Moss came to be means that barely a small portion of his fortune went to his son Elliot, 41. Pictured: Elliot with his sister Alison, dad Sterling and mom Susie in 2000

With Covid cases on the rise, Plu is now struggling to stay afloat and doesn’t know where to turn for help.

To keep the business going, Elliott had to sell his cherished 1952 DB2 that his father arranged for Aston Martin to give him when he was nine.

He got very little will – it all went to his mother. If she intended to let him access any of his father’s fortune, she hadn’t made it clear yet.

Elliot, who trained with Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche, set up the restaurant in Primrose Hill, north London, in 2019. It was popular with locals, but the Covid cancellation cost Elliot dearly.

Mrs. Susie Moss received the bulk of the estate

Lady Susie Moss received the bulk of Stirling’s estate after his death in April last year. Pictured: Moss in a Mercedes at the British Grand Prix

The friend added: ‘He left a relatively small sum of £132,000. It is not emotional. If he had millions left, he would have invested in the business and probably been on vacation because he hasn’t had one in years.

Surprisingly enough, the bulk of the estate is still in the hands of his mother. She has not yet helped with work – Elliot relied on vacation at one stage.

Elliott, who lives in a modest apartment, became the talk of London, with Michelin judges praising his “very creative dishes”.

He declined to comment. Ms. Susie could not be reached.

Television chef Jamie Oliver urged his viewers last week to offer party guests beef broth with potatoes and celery puree, but his own tastes were more evident.

Jamie, 46, shared a quick Instagram snapshot, left, of his guilt delight: He took hula collars flavored with salt and vinegar and stabbed them in a block of cheddar cheese, all accompanied by a great whiskey.

He calls it “dirty and genius” – I’m with you, Jimmy.


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