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In December 1995, the first parts of the Tales series were released, which was titled Tales of Phantasia via the Super Famicom device. Because of this success, the core of Tales was launched, which has made its way over more than two decades until we have now reached the newest parts of the series, which, as Bandai Namco stated, is the juicer of ideas of the past years, the game Tales of Arise, which is officially available across home devices and PC.

The game Tales of Arise was first announced at E3 2019 and was planned to be launched in 2020 had it not been for the “Corona” pandemic that caused its launch, which is a good thing that made Bandai target other devices after it was originally intended for the old generation, but now it also comes via New generation devices and personal computers. With the official release of the game on the market, let’s dive into the bottom of this part to find out what it gave us, and whether it will actually be able to simulate the success of the previous series parts or deviate from this goal!!

The Tales series has always been distinguished from the most famous Japanese titles by its keen interest in the story and telling it in the best possible way, which is the same thing that is repeated with the game Tales of Arise, which presents us with a story, but from the point of view of different people, and tries throughout the events of the story to link their ideas and tell the point of view of each Both of them over the war between the people of Rena and Dahna. The people or world of Rena and because of its technological and magical progress made them take control of Dahna and seize their resources and treat its people as their slaves and torture some of them cruelly. She is Shionne from Rena, and she is a completely different character from Alphen, whether in her goals or even her character, but they will end up traveling together and getting to know each other more and meet other characters who come from both peoples and try to help others with the game.

The story in the beginning was a little slower than the upcoming parts, but this is due to the need for the story writers enough time to introduce the new characters and tell us what is going on around us in this world, whether the people of Rena or Dahna, but soon the excitement begins as you delve into the story of the game to really enjoy one of the titles Which took enough time to write, starting with the story and narrating its events and passing through the characters and their depth. But the annoying thing about the story part was the audio performance, which was not at its best and this has unfortunately become a common occurrence in most Japanese games over the past years.

The game, like other Tales titles, offers us a magical world full of activities that will force you to spend as much time as possible inside it. The story missions only need you 45 hours to be able to finish them, and if you want to finish the game, whether by side activities and exploring its world, you will need more than 60 hours added to the life of the game Which is good. In the beginning, there are main tasks, as we mentioned, during which you will focus on meeting other characters from Rena and Dahna in order to help them. There are places that can be explored, revealing their secrets and solving their puzzles. In return, you will get good prizes and rewards. There are some places that provide us with good and rare equipment that will benefit you during your progress in the game, and there are tasks Side as well that will help you develop your character, and finally there are recreational activities that you can separate a little during your experience of the game such as fishing and so on.

The game world is witnessing a great diversity in its environments, there are gloomy snowy and desert environments, in addition to well-designed green places and forests, and the greatest credit was of course the Unreal Engine 4, which highlighted the capabilities of Bandai Namco in this visually and exploratory world.

The game has a good gameplay based on developing your character and gaining rewards and experience points as you progress in the story and executing even side missions. There are still plenty of them lurking in the new Tales of Arise.

Each scalable character, as usual in RPG games, provides us with a skill tree in order to develop your character, and here you can develop either Aplhen or even Shionne, and this is through experience points and rewards that you get during your progress in the game, and customizing your skills will help you greatly during battles, especially difficult battles against bosses . Since we mentioned the bosses part, the game offers an excellent diversity in the design of bosses, both at the beginning of the game and even after hours, and there are times when you will suffer a lot with some of them.

The game Tales of Arise made a big change from its last parts in the direction of the graphics. Instead of relying on the graphics of Japanese games, which are closer to anime and CGI series, the graphics of this game were as if they were hand-drawn with watercolors, which by the way is a very good artistic direction that I praised it a lot with Samurai Warriors 5 Here, too, I liked it, but it was not in the quality of Samurai Warriors 5. There were some monsters and some elements that did not take their right in the graphics part, but in general, starting with the characters and passing through the game environments, I liked this approach and its graphics greatly.

In terms of music, it is undoubtedly one of the best and most important features of the game. Bandai Namco was able to offer us a group of distinctive music that made adrenaline rates increase during important battles and even at the end. Music presented its first and main goal in any video game, which is to make us engage in Experiment with feelings that are consistent with the scene or event. But in the part of the audio performance, as we mentioned above, it was not presented well and was annoying and did not even live up to the quality of the graphics and the rest of the game elements.

Over the course of my 60+ hours of gameplay, Tales of Arise really managed to provide an experience I didn’t expect at all, although I tried Tales of Berseria and it was well received, but not as good as I felt with Tales of Arise when I finished it. From the good story that the game presented and well designed, through the varied gameplay that won’t let you get bored of an iota of “and this is a challenge”, to the technical orientation and the graphical level in which the game appeared and the performance of the game itself, whether in the performance mode, which offers you better performance and 60 frames per second or even during graphics mode with 4K resolution across the Xbox Series X platform, but it lacked some light frills that could have been avoided and would have shown the game in the best shape and improve its look, whether the annoying sound performance or even the design of some monsters, which was not With the quality of the rest of the game design and characters, with some technical problems that I encountered, but most of them are when I use the graphics mode, and for this we recommend that in order to get a better performance of the game, you will have to try the performance mode.

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