Take-Two files lawsuit against GTA 3 and Vice City fan projects with copied software

Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit against the designers of amateur projects that aspire to bring Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City back with a new look by using new code that was copied from the original but with the developer’s own efforts after using “reverse engineering” to learn how the original code worked and then Creating a whole new code that is very similar to it.

move site VideoGamesChronicle This news is about the lawsuit that was filed in California, USA, which included the designation of 14 developers contributing to the project, which had previously received a request to remove it and stop its development earlier this year.

But the matter did not stop anymore on the demand for removal, but the company filed a lawsuit because the people working on the project clearly know (as it put it) that they do not have the right to copy and distribute the original code, as well as for the visual and audio factors in the game, and that doing so means a violation of property rights, as he put it. .

The project received a DMCA takedown earlier this year.

As for the project’s development team, it refused to agree to this and says that when it worked on creating a new software code taken from the original, in this case, it did not breach the company’s property rights.

What is interesting about this is that the project cannot run the game on its own, but whoever wants to try it must own a copy of the original game in order to use the basic assets and transfer them to the new code.

Nevertheless, the company is not convincing of these justifications because its main problem lies in causing irreparable losses, as it puts it, due to the publication and distribution of the code of old GTA games, and therefore now anyone can develop such games using the copied code.

In other words, the company is no longer arguing about the development of a new project from the two beloved games, but rather whether the use of cloned code via reverse engineering is considered a right to indirectly publish the original code or not.

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