Take advantage of the Find My network on Apple Watch

The Find My network from Apple is one of the best and most powerful features that the company offers for its phones, because it allows you to easily find Apple devices linked to one iCloud account, and you can use the Find My network through Apple Watches directly without having to reach your phone or computer.

And you can use this network through Apple Watches, starting with WatchOS 8, which is released during This SeptemberTherefore, you must own one of the watches that supports this system.

Apple’s Find MY network is divided into three main services, and these services include finding people, finding devices, and finding belongings.

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Using Find My on Apple Watch to find Apple devices

Take advantage of the Find My network on Apple Watch

Apple has divided the Find My app into three separate apps dedicated to different functions.

You can use the Find Devices app to find the Apple devices connected to your iCloud account.

These devices include Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads, as well as AirPods.

Similar to the old version of the Network app, this app shows you a list of Apple devices connected to your account.

You can click on any device to reach its last known location, and you can play a musical sound through this lost device in addition to stopping it from working, and so on.

The app also shows you where your family members’ devices are, if you’ve added family members to your account.

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Using the Find Objects App on the Watch

This app is for all the other parts that don’t display in the Find My Devices app.

This list includes a group of third-party companies that use the same network, in addition to Apple’s AirTag tracker.

You can also display the last location of the AirTag with its percentage of charge, as well as a map to display its location.

And you can play a sound through the tracker so you can access it more quickly.

And you can get an alert when it’s found or if you leave it somewhere far away from you.

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Using the Find People app

With this app, you can find the location of your friends and anyone who has shared their location with you.

You can view a person’s last known location, or send them your location, and get alerts if they come or go a little further away.

And if you use an Apple Watch that has a GPS sensor, you can share the location of the watch itself without the phone.

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