Switch Joy-Cons have been ‘constantly improving’ since launch according to Nintendo

While Nintendo hasn’t found a permanent solution to a problem skew in controllers Joy-Con, however, the company revealed in a new interview that it has been constantly improving the durability of the Joy-Con since launch and that Switch OLED models will come with the latest controllers with the latest improvements.

According to Nintendo’s Chief Technology Officer, Ko Shiota and Deputy General Manager Toru Yamashita, the company has been making improvements to the Joy-Con materials regularly since launch.

“Since we’re always trying to improve it too, we’ve checked the Joy-Con controllers that customers use and repeatedly improve their wear resistance and durability,” Yamashita said.

“We mentioned that the Joy-Con specifications have not changed meaning we haven’t added new features like new buttons. But the analog sticks in the Joy-Con controllers included with the Nintendo Switch OLED model are the latest version with all the improvements.”

Yamashita explained that Nintendo is constantly improving testing of Joy-Cons and when improvements are discovered, those changes are implemented in Joy-Cons sold individually as well as those in the Nintendo Switch Lite. The OLED Switch will have the latest version of Joy-Cons with all the latest improvements.

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