Steve Jobs would have loved Android 12 more than iOS 15

Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, was known as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs. Jobs was known as a proponent of minimalist designs. He was helped by Joni Ive, the company’s former design director. If Jobs were around now, he would have liked Android 12 more than iOS 15.

And Jobs was meticulous about detail. So much so that he contacted Vic Gandotra, Google’s Vice President of Communications to tell him that the yellow color in the second “o” within the Google logo is not good. And he is waiting for him to solve that problem.

iOS has been blessed with simple and attractive designs for years. However, many things have changed since the death of Jobs in 2011. Currently, the iOS system depends on adding as many features as possible on an ongoing basis.

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The iPhone operating system now includes widgets with dozens of different options within the Control Center, to support third-party browsers and keyboard applications. In the opinion of specialists, iOS 15 has moved away from its identity as a simplified system to the extreme.

On the other hand, the system that has become the most relevant to Steve Jobs’ first vision is Android 12. It has adopted the minimalist design to the greatest extent while abandoning or removing features and features that the user does not use frequently in the settings.

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Android 12 returns to the origins of iOS

Android 12 system includes all the features and features that a user might expect from any smartphone. But it’s just that Google has simplified the user experience to the maximum, and made the system easy to handle and master.

On the other hand, iOS 15 is not difficult or complicated, but the experience of using it may be more difficult than Android 12, especially for those who did not own an iPhone before.

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And Steve Jobs was a lover of simplicity in general. He does not like to exaggerate. This explains why no iPhone has ever been launched with a large screen while it is still alive. Because he simply didn’t see the need for a phone of this size.

And if Jobs was alive now and saw the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which weighs about a quarter of a kilogram, with the iOS system, which became full of different settings and applications, he would not have liked the situation.

On the other hand, Google has shown huge interest in the redesign in Android 12. It was also clearly shown in The last review video system with the Material You design language. But formalities can never make one system better than another, but they are undoubtedly essential.

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