Steps that may help Apple demonstrate its interest in App Store users

Apple gets 30% of every payment made through the App Store. Apple makes up to $19 billion annually just from this item.

Apple is trying with all its might to prove to governments, lawmakers, as well as app developers that it deserves all this credit. However, they do not seem convinced of this.

And many parties began to take steps hostile to the percentage deducted by Apple in the recent period. Including South Korea, which is discussing a bill that would allow app developers to include different payment methods within apps. Perhaps the most affected by this percentage of Apple are application developers.

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Apple’s percentage of app payments

Apple is the most valuable and profitable company in the world. As the company generates income of up to $10,000 every second, of which $3,600 is a net profit for the company. A large portion of this revenue comes from the App Store.

The App Store has been making more profit than iPads or Macs since 2016. Therefore, it is unlikely that Apple will take any decisions or steps that reduce the profitability of the App Store, which is a service rather than a product.

And Apple needs to take some steps to improve its store in general. Perhaps the first of those steps is to hire a larger team to review and monitor the applications. This is because the company currently relies on only 500 employees.

This means that only 500 people review about 100,000 apps per week. With some help from some automated tools and some company software. However, relying on such a small number leads to delays in audits.

The company also needs to limit malicious apps. This is because the store is full of suspicious applications. Like apps that offer a set of wallpapers for a weekly $10 subscription.

This is because there are dozens of apps on the store that offer premium content like wallpapers and ringtones even though this content is available for free on the internet.

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App Store improvements

Apple also needs to reimburse users for suspicious apps. Like the aforementioned applications. However, the company does not. In fact, they only delete these apps when their news spreads on the Internet.

Some argue that this is happening because the company is making a lot of money from these apps. And the App Store suffers from another big problem. The ads are at the top of the search results.

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This is because the company sells advertising space that appears at the beginning of the search results. For example, when you search for the “Netflix” application, you may find that the first result is the “Prime Video” application. This is because the company allows selling and renting that advertising space.

Interestingly enough, the CEO of Epic Games has Mocked From this matter many years before the start of the judicial war between the two companies.

The App Store also needs a major update that will protect younger users from accessing apps that contain any content intended for seniors. This is where specialists discovered that Apple allows young users to access adult applications through the store. Although she knows their age through their accounts on the platform.

The latest experiments have shown that the store allows young people to access more than 35 applications made for adults. Including dating apps that display obscene content, or gambling games.

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