Stardew Valley developer is busy working on a new game

Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, has announced that he is currently busy developing an entirely new game that has yet to be announced.

This information was disclosed during an interview via Twitch After the end of the first official digital tournament for the Stardew Valley Cup, he revealed that there are no upcoming updates to the game in the coming period, because he is currently focusing on developing the new game.

The developer does not deny the launch of an update to the game in the future, but cannot talk about what may be added to it later at the present time because its full focus is elsewhere.

As for his new game, the developer has been silent about most of the main details about it and only said that it is another game that relies on a classic pixel design and a view from the top such as Stardew Valley, which is similar to it in many aspects, but it is not a game about farming, but something different and may be revealed soon.

It is worth noting that the Sandy’s Candies team is the winner of the game’s first official e-tournament.

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